I’ve been with the staff at AQREVA for 3 years now and I highly recommend them.  

I don’t worry about credentialing or billing issues and have had zero significant adverse events.  The team is very helpful and really take some of the burden off our staff.   It’s definitely worth it to have people assist you with this side of health care, so we can focus on the medical side.   

Dr. Conaway, Acclaimed Family Medicine

Quest Pediatric Therapy has worked alongside AQREVA since 2015. 

We are so thankful for their expertise in billing and credentialing!  AQREVA has provided a service that allows us to focus on our clients and the services we provide without worrying about billing.  They have also established a good working relationship with the owners and employees at Quest, responding quickly and sufficiently to answer questions or address concerns. 

Liz Hylton, MOT, OTR/L, Co-Owner/Occupational Therapist

We have saved nearly $40K in bad debt write offs since making the decision to partner with Aqreva as our billing experts...

We received a recommendation to utilize AQREVA as our billing expert from one of our employees who had utilized AQREVA's services in the past and he was extremely satisfied with the knowledge and follow-up of the staff at AQREVA.

Home Care billing was a new venue for our company, therefore, our business need was to partner with billing and regulatory experts to be assured our home care billing was accurate, billed timely and processed efficiently in order to cash flow. The biller assigned to our agencies is very knowledgeable in the rules and regulatory compliance of home care billing and has proven to be a subject matter expert for us.  We do encourage her to vocalize her viewpoints and be part of conversations we have as a team. We have saved nearly $40K in bad debt write offs since making the decision to partner with AQREVA as our billing experts.

Roxanne Stelter, Director of Revenue and Receivables
Home Care and Hospice Agencies Minnesota

I don't have to worry that it's being done right...

"I employed the services of AQREVA Billing five years ago when I transitioned into a solo concierge practice. After doing my own billing for 20 years in a group setting, I had high expectations, and I have not been disappointed. AQREVA was instrumental in setting up the work flow in the new office. The billing staff has been efficient, and collections have been spot-on where they should be. I recently had the opportunity to bring collections "in-house" with a new EMR, but I opted to pay a little more and continue to have AQREVA manage my billing and collections, as I don't have to worry that it's being done right. I recommend AQREVA Billing without hesitation!"

Robert C. Dimski, MD

They make our lives so much easier...

“The word around our facility is that sending our credentialing to AQREVA is the best decision we’ve ever made and worth every penny! They make our lives so much easier. All we have to do is upload the information and it’s taken care of in a timely and efficient manner. They provide us with status updates so we know where everything is in the process. They are very easy to work with and it feels like they are a part of our hospital family!”

Laura R.
Jefferson County Health Center

They are honest, hardworking and most efficient...

“I was referred to AQREVA by a physician friend when I started my own practice in August 2013. I have been 100% pleased with their service. They are honest, hardworking and most efficient in the processing and collecting of my patient charges. I would never think about changing companies.” 

Brian Levy M.D.

I always have someone to turn to for questions...

"AQREVA made it worthwhile for me to have them supporting my office services. I have peace of mind as I know I always have someone to turn to for questions. If someone doesn’t know the answer, they will find out for me and respond timely. Everything is taken care of as it pertains to my accounting.  AQREVA customized things to accommodate me as others companies have specific requirements (cut and dried -- a certain way) and if I didn’t want it that way, no option. Other companies say how the process needs to be and if I didn’t want to do it that way, they wouldn’t work with me."

Mark P
ABLE II Orthotics and Prosthetics, Inc.  Lincoln, NE
Working with AQREVA since 1996

I couldn't have done it without them...

"I depend on AQREVA for my entire practice management. The services that I utilize include billing, credentialing, accounting and management including contract negotiations.

I appreciate the entire staff that covers all the practice management issues. This allows me to concentrate on doing what I love, taking care of patients as a CRNA with an anesthesia practice in Nebraska. AQREVA assisted me when I left hospital employment to begin my own anesthesia company and have been by my side for the last 8 years. I couldn’t have done it without them and I couldn’t be more thankful for the services that AQREVA provides to me."

Lisa Freeman, CRNA, MS 
Freeman Anesthesia PC Pierce, NE

We went from operating in the red, to getting in the black because our claims are now processed timely and accurately...

Living in rural Minnesota, it’s hard to find qualified staff when someone of experience leaves your team. We had a staff member leave us, and no one had the education to do the billing aspect properly. We ended up losing a lot of money because of that and knew that we needed a professional to handle this. 

We were referred to AQREVA by others who had a great experience with them. 

I couldn’t be happier with the service we get. It’s been helpful to assure claims and bills are processed quickly and accurately, and with great customer service as well. We went from operating in the red, to getting in the black because our claims are now processed timely and accurately. 

Tyler Champ, Adminstrator
Pioneer Memorial Care Center
Erskine MN 

Aqreva has provided services that are invaluable to our facility...

Our Business Manager was going out on a two-month leave of absence.  Because of limited office staff, we were faced with the reality of further outstanding Accounts Receivable, as well as the MMIS conversion.  We approached our financial audit company, and they highly recommended AQREVA to our facility. Because our audit company had worked with, and recommended, AQREVA, and many of its customers have successfully utilized AQREVA'S services. Our company had many outstanding claims that proved difficult to collect.  Also, our Medicare AR was approaching 12 month outstanding.  MMIS was fast approaching, and we were not ready.  AQREVA and Darnel have taken that stress away from our Business Office. It pays to utilize AQREVA to keep outstanding AR to a minimum.  Also, it is impossible in the long term care industry to wear all the hats we are expected to wear with limited staffing.  AQREVA has provided a service that is invaluable to our facility!  dramatically improved our facility’s AR aging.  Our board of directors and lenders are extremely satisfied with the results.

Linda C., Business Manager 
Skilled Nursing Facility North Dakota

They provide outstanding services...

"AQREVA has provided outstanding medical accounting and practice management services for our healthcare group for over fifteen years; they really deliver!"  

Dr. JB. Watertown, SD.

 I regret not having signed up with AQREVA from the beginning.

“I used a practice management company for a few years before signing up with AQREVA, and I regret not having signed up with AQREVA from the beginning.   They have an extremely high level of knowledge and experience and are extremely pleasant and attentive to work with.  I give AQREVA my highest recommendation”.  

Dr Brennan, Brennan Allergy

From day one AQREVA worked with us as a partner.

From day one AQREVA worked with us as a partner.  Fantastic service, open communication and kept us informed of any issues or concerns along the way.  We had a change in our tax i.d. and name and AQREVA worked all the credentialing for that as well as any new additions at any time.  Worked as a team with us on the billing to ensure the services were billed correctly with the correct information to see that the full reimbursement that we were entitled to we received.  Monthly reports I can’t say enough about, very easy to read and provided more than enough information to see how they were doing on the billing and collections.  Great company and great people.

BV-Faith Regional